Thursday, February 11, 2010


what is 'friend(s)'?
-a high level of bond between 2 or more living beings compared to stranger n acquaintance.
-to most people its like toilet paper. After u finish using them, u just throw them away.
-can b acquired n collected easily

What is 'close friend(s)'?
-A relationship between 2 or more living beings that have more trust in their relationship.
-A type of bond that quite unstable>>part friend part precious friend.
-to most people its like a tv remote. If u r not using the tv, the remote have no use but if u r going to watch it, u really need the remote.

What is 'Best friend'?
-A strong bond between 2 or more living beings that have high level of trust between them.
-To most people its like the sea and the shore. its inseparable but its corrosive.
-best friends also can be rivals and even great enemy.
-Bcause of the high level of trust between them, its either they become more sensitive OR become bolder towards each other.

What is 'Boyfriend/girlfriend(s)'?
-its a relationship between a 2 genders made up of 2 persons.
-its level of bond is slightly higher or on the same level as bestfriend but lower than lovers level.

what is 'Lover'?
-its a mutual bond between 2 genders which usually ends up as marriage.
-there r also cases where they didn't get married but end up having childrens.
-the level of bond is on a different scale which u could say a special case.

what is 'special friend'?
-a unique type of bond between 2 or more living beings.
-its level is also on different scale coz its a special case.
-if u take 'lover as the sky, and boyfriend/girlfriend as the ground, 'special friend' is the cloud.
-the thin clouds r more to boyfriend/girlfriend and thick clouds r more to 'lover'.
-an example of thin clouds r usually exbf/exgf that get along after the break up and for the thick clouds r s*x friend...a friend that u need when u need some 'excercise' on the bed.

well, i think thats it. Sorry if im being too direct. its just my style. =P

*The above are a post from my blog. It has been a long time since I last wrote here. Md nor is MIA. Anas also gone. Over the years of separation, seems like our batch is not as close as we used to be. Some would say;

"I dont need them anymore. They r OLD friends n OLD things need to be replaced"


"I'm very busy / I dont have the mood / I'm tired" but, after saying that to me, those people would plan to go with someone or somebody else.

So, what part of the above do u think is true? n what part is false? Give ur great,interesting n creative responses on the comment section below.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Picture of da day!! hahaha

Its supposed to be 'Pictures' of da day coz i got 2 pics wit me 2nite...i mean 2day. anyway, without further ado, i present you picture of day number one from Hall of Fame of 5B3 07. Da star of da class n one of the most popular, i repeat, POPULAR student...DA DAM, DA DAM!!!*Drum effect*
AFAB!!! hahaha. semua setuju kn? AFAB kn cool. dis pic was taken early dis year n pizza hut at mines. For cute little ducklings out there, sadly he is not available right now. huhu. See his hair? its so cool n wavy dat i wanna run my fingers on his hair. hahaha. just kidding. Right now he is in a college somewhere near bangi. I don't remember the name of his college. =P AFAB is doing fine n right now he is in Kelantan. somewhere on the beach. i just got his call. All right, that one is for AFAB. Dis one is from my class, they are also in the list of batch 2007's popular student....

yup. Its none other than these 3 troublemakers, rahmah, azar nadhirah, and suri. All of them are taken.....i guess. Rahmah is out of question lah. dats why i say all of them are taken. Don't ask me about it. You'll know sooner or later. haha. They are doing fine. Rahmah still waitin for the tawaran kemasukan. She applied for UPM if i'm not mistaken. Azar is doing pharmacy stuff in Perak. i dun remember her course. sorry guys. pe la yang aku ingat kn? huhu. And the last one is Suri who is still in UTM skudai doing DEGREE. woot. Degree beb.

well, i think dats all for today. i'm still waiting for mdnor/Cikso to drop by though. kinda lonely 'ere. Md Nor!!! WHERE ARE YOUUU???? huhuhu. maafkn sgala salah dan silap maklumat aku kat cni ya. I'm just typing what my memory n mind tells me to. pe la yg aku merapik nih. i'll keep on giving you guys updates about our batch and if possible i will give u guys da pics. just like dis two and da Dev-Hat earlier. Hope u guys enjoy reading my posts. Later!



Pada pertengahan bulan 2009 ini (antara Mei-Jun 2009) rata-rata dalam kalangan kita akan bercuti (kalau student Matriks,dah habis belajar kat matriks kan),maka ada banyak masa terluang,jadi apa kata batch kita khususnya mengadakan program amal di MRSM Terendak berbentuk motivasi akademik.Antara perancangan awal ialah :

1.Program ‘Terendak Homecoming’,sebuah program yang akan mengumpulkan seberapa ramai ahli batch untuk membuat lawatan ke MRSM Terendak sambil membawa ‘buah tangan’ atau cenderahati untuk pihak maktab e.g.kalimah suci yang di-frame,banner,etc

2.Program ‘Selangkah ke IPT’,sebuah program bercorak motivasi akademik khusus untuk calon SPM.Setiap ahli batch akan mewakili course (bidang) tertentu,misalnya untuk Matriks ada wakil Sains Hayat,Sains Fizik untu Pra-U ada wakil dari engineering,medic,accounting,law etc.Kita akan berkongsi dengan pelajar hal ehwal pemilihan bidang kursus,lifestyle di matriks atau Universiti etc.


Adakah anda berminat menyertai program amal di maktab pada pertengahan tahun 2009 nanti?